XForex Review and Bonus Information

Finding the best forex trading platform for your needs, is a critical step for successful trading. With the speed and depth of information available today, trying to filter this manually would be a mistake. Also, quality software includes robust servers, which won't crash at inopportune times. The XForex platform is one current option, and it offers an intuitive interface, a full range of personal services, as well as beneficial educational materials. To help you to determine if this system is a good fit in your situation, let's examine it in more detail below.

Company Information

XForex has been in business since 2003, and also goes by the name Ultimass Global, Inc. This brokerage firm specializes in helping new traders, and their proprietary software reflects this fact. Also, they will provide an individual account manager upon request, who can give guidance and oversight when you are first starting out. They offer many features online as well, and their totally revised website has an abundance of learning material. These include video tutorials to teach you the basics of forex trading, and the ability to open a Demo account as well. This gives you a chance to test your trading strategies in real time, without the risk of losing real money!

XForex adheres to the requirements set forth by the European Union for brokerage firms. It also strictly follows the rules in each country where it maintains a presence. Further, it is backed by some of the most recognizable banks in the world, included Deutsche Bank and Candadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

XForex PlatformAnother advantage which XForex has over its competition, is its focus on innovation. They have worked hard to create a dynamic and secure software package, to assist you in executing your trades. The end result is one of the best forex trading platforms available on the market today! To achieve this level of excellence, XForex consulted with actual traders to determine what options and features were necessary to include.

Finally, they never charge a commission, as they only profit from the spread between the bid and ask price. How does this benefit you? First, it keeps your upfront fees low, meaning you can save your money to complete trades instead. Second, because XForex makes money only when you continue trading, they have a vested interest in keeping you happy! This means they strive to get you the best price possible for every transaction, and also offer the analytical tools which you need.

Platform Software

When it comes to the XForex software system, it is one of the best forex trading platforms you can use. Why is this? It includes many valuable tools and options, and the ability to trade 21 currency pairs, as well as silver and gold. In terms of trade execution, you have several different types to choose from. You can implement limit or market orders, as well as trailing stops to protect your gains. XForex also offers the chance to use stop loss and take profit orders as well, giving you a wide range of options. These added functions allow you to maximize the efficiency of your trading strategy, all while protecting your underlying principal.

Another unique feature makes this one of the best forex trading platforms for beginners. It gives you the chance to see the transaction data for the top ten traders at the moment! This has been termed "social trading" by some, and gives you the opportunity to benefit from others' successful strategies. If you're just starting out, this can give you a head start, by studying the methods used by those with more experience.

Further, the XForex software provides real time data, which includes extras such as daily market summaries, expert commentary, and a calendar highlighting important financial events. The information which they offer is designed to give you an edge and spot patterns in the market action. This can make a huge difference in your ability to profit from any movement on the forex exchange.

Also, as the forex is open 24 hours a day, it can be hard to keep up with changes which have happened in other regions. This is covered for you by the XForex package, as they provide the Overnight Express Bulletin, which informs you of any important movement in the European, Asian and North American markets. They can extend this service to you, due to their close cooperation with Reuters, whose financial reporting is of the highest caliber. When all of these factors are considered together, XForex clearly provides one of the best trading platforms offered today.

Customer Service

Even the most sophisticated trading software can encounter problems, and you need to have a speedy resolution available. After all, mere minutes in the market can mean a staggering loss of potential income, so this is of crucial importance! XForex won't disappoint in this area, as they are available 24 hours a day, 5.5 days per week. This means that whenever the forex is trading they are open as well, offering you customer service whenever you need it.

XForex prides itself on its high level of support, and they believe that quality service is paramount. Therefore, they work hard to forge a personal relationship with each client, and provide solutions to meet your needs. If you need to contact them for any reason, you can choose from email, call back or live chat options.

Other Special Features

XForex has top-notch data security as well, employing the highest grade of encryption available in the industry. This makes their online software one of the best forex trading platforms for protecting the confidentiality of your transaction data. Also, they require a small minimum balance for new accounts, with only $100 needed. Finally, they will provide up to 200 to 1 leverage for your trades, meaning you can maximize your income from each transaction!

Bonus Offers

While boasting the best forex trading platform for beginners is a good feature, offering deposit bonuses is even better! XForex has three separate types of accounts, with a different bonus given with each. The lowest level is the Mini account, which can be started with $100, and features a 10% bonus added to your initial deposit.

XForex Bonus

The mid-range option is the Standard account, with a $1,000 minimum needed, and a generous 30% bonus added to your first deposit. If you have a large amount of money, you may want to open a VIP account instead. You will need a minimum of $10,000 and you will be given a 30% bonus on your opening balance.


If you are new to forex trading, XForex provides many features which you'll benefit from. With free tutorials and a wide range of training material, they can help get you up to speed quickly. Also, they offer one of the best forex trading platforms available, which is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. XForex also extends superior service, giving support whenever you need it.

With their generous bonuses and commission free trades, you will see your money stretch farther as well! So, if you've been searching for a quality broker with the best forex trading platform for new traders, consider establishing an account with XForex. They will help you through the learning curve, so you can start trading faster than you may have thought possible!