Plus500 Review and Company Overview

Trading in the forex markets can be an exhilarating challenge, yet without the right software your experience may be a negative one. If your chosen program provides limited options, you will have trouble developing a sophisticated trading approach. This can lead to smaller profits, and a system which is less flexible in multiple market environments. Yet, the good news is there are many quality software packages now available, with the Plus500 program being among them. To help you determine if this is the best forex trading platform for your needs, let's examine its features in more detail below.

Company Information

Most software is broker-dependent, so it is important to take a look at the company behind your software product. They will be providing the technical support, customer service and trade execution, so the quality of your experience will depend upon them. Plus500 is an excellent business to partner with, as they have years of experience in this industry. They are regulated by the Financial Services Authority, and are headquartered in England.

Yet, they provide service to customers from many nations around the world, and have been doing so for over a decade. However, they don't accept US clients at the current time, so if you are from America you'll need to select another option. They are known for their high level of support for beginners as well, and if you're new to the market they are an excellent option.

Platform Software

When searching for the best forex trading platform available today, several factors come into play. Powerful research tools and advanced charting options, can give you a competitive edge. Yet, if you are a beginner, too many options may become confusing and could make navigating more complicated. Plus500 has streamlined their design, and they offer an easy to use interface. Unlike other bigger brokerage firms, they provide only a single platform. While this may sound like a lower level of service, it makes getting started a much simpler proposition. Rather than spending time deciding which option is the best forex trading platform you can use, you can begin trading immediately instead.

What unique features does the Plus500 software include? Their trading program was developed internally, meaning they truly know how it works. This is an important distinction, as when you need technical support they will have a superior level of knowledge. Also, there are three different formats of the same platform, and you can choose a desktop, online or mobile version.

However, unlike other brokers who have multiple options which are all separate, Plus500 delivers seamless integration. How can they do this? While each format is distinct, the program for each is identical, and you can begin a trade with one and close it with another! This gives you the flexibility you need, to incorporate trading into your busy schedule. This added functionality offered by Plus500, makes it one of the best forex trading platforms for constant access to the market.

Also, the Plus500 software package is visually appealing, and places all your charts centrally on one screen. This means you don't have to navigate through endless menus, to find the information you are searching for. With four tabs conveniently located at the top of your screen, you can also access your closed trades and open ones as well. While it doesn't have the capability to display several charts simultaneously, like some other programs, this makes it less complicated to use. If you are just started out, this is an excellent platform for you, as it doesn't have confusing extra features. Or, if you simply prefer a straightforward design, then this could be the best forex platform for your needs.

Other Special Features

Not only does Plus500 provide one of the best forex trading platforms for beginners, they have several other special features as well. They will extend a demo account free of charge, with no time limitation. Other brokers do offer this type of trading practice as well, but some only allow you to use it for a short period of time.

Plus500 has also developed a learning forum, where you can discover the basics of forex trading. Not only will you learn the theory, but you'll see actual examples as well, giving you a deeper understanding of the market. They also have a low minimum to open an account, with a small 100 Euro limit and an attractive leverage ratio of 50 to 1.

Bonus Offers

Plus500 currently has a wonderful special offer, and they will give you $20 to open a new account. No deposit is required, and this money is totally free! This gives you a chance to begin trading, without using any of your own capital.

They offer more traditional bonuses as well, and will give you an extra percentage for your first deposit. For any amount under $500, you'll be awarded an extra 30%. For deposit which are greater than $500, you'll be credited an added 20% to your account. The maximum limit is a $50,000 deposit, which will earn you an astonishing $10,000 bonus, making it one of the best bonuses in the industry.

Customer Service

Plus500 has customer service agents available through email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means you can contact them whenever a problem arises, and receive a swift resolution. They provide support for two languages as well, and both English and Arabic are available.

If you are looking for a broker with an established reputation and a straightforward trading software, Plus500 is an excellent choice. They have valuable support for beginners, three separate platform formats to choose from and a generous bonus structure. Also, you can open a demo account, to become acclimated to market conditions before using real funds. All of these features make them a terrific option, and they will help to elevate your trading experience.

So, if you are just starting out and searching for the best forex trading platform for new users, Plus500 is a company you should investigate further. With their trading tools and easy software interface, you'll be navigating the markets confidently in no time at all! So, why not open your account today, and move one step closer to profiting from the market's action?