Best MT4 Forex Trading Platforms

Finding the best MT4 trading platforms can be a long drawn out task if you don't know where to begin looking. Many of the best forex trading platforms out there today offer an MT4 version of their platform as well as other versions. For traders that are specifically looking for the best MT4 platform, we have developed the list below that was devoted only to finding the forex trading platforms that do the absolute best job when it comes to an MT4 platform.

Rank MT4 Trading Platform Bonus Mobile Platform? Trade Now
1. Up to $1,000 Yes
2. Up to 5% Yes
3. Up to $2,000 Windows Mobile
4. Up to $5,000 Yes
5. Up to $1,200 Yes

MT4 simply stands for the MetaTrader 4 platform. Obviously as you can probably guess, there was also a MetaTrader 3 platform which has been known as one of the best forex trading platforms of it's time. The MT4 has now taken it's place and has continued to bring new and exciting aspects to online forex trading. Recently there has also been an MT5 platform, however it is still in an early stage and most traders still prefer the MT4 over the newer MT5.

The MetaTrader platforms were created by the company MetaQuotes Corp and is an electronic trading software that has become the major software name in online forex trading. The thing about the MT4 is that it is a full-cycle trading platform that allows both back office components and front end trading terminals. It is a state of the art platform that still hasn't been matched by any other online trading platform out there today.

Advantages of the MT4 Trading Platform

When it comes to choosing the right type of platform it is very important that you understand the advantages of that particular platform. Knowing the individual platform's strong points will allow you to understand whether or not it best fits your own personal trading techniques. As you develop as a trader you will begin to know your needs and wants as a forex trader, which will help you choose the right forex platform.

One of the best things that you will find with the MT4 platform is the fact that you will be able to create and customize your own indicators and advisors. This makes a much more convenient trading experience since you are the one who gets to set up your indicators and how you need to read them. It allows you to have a much simpler analysis since you set up all of your own needs and wants when it comes to analyzing your trades.

Another big advantage of the MT4 is that there are thousands of different traders out there using the same platform which means that there is a lot of user-created content throughout. With this platform, when other expert traders have created their own content for trading, it allows you as a trader using the MT4 to also have access to downloading their content as well for your own trading. This allows you to learn from other traders as well as develop your own trading style from many other traders.

Keeping reports and a trading history is one of the most important aspects of forex trading. The MT4 platform allows you to customize your own history and reports for personalizing your own trading. With this asset you can keep better track of your past trades in a way that allows you to know where to look and when so that you can be better prepared for future trades.

The last thing that we want to mention as an advantage for the MT4 forex trading platform is the trading interface. It is probably the most user-friendly online trading interface that has been developed. This makes it one of the most flexible trading platforms and allows for not only a simple trading experience but also a highly customizable forex platform. By having an easy time setting it up and trading, it gives traders a much better opportunity to better understand their own needs as a trader and develop into a much more efficient forex trader.

All of these advantages add up to one of the most efficient and user-friendly trading platforms on the market today. It continues to grow in popularity and as more people use it, the more content is accessible. Once you have downloaded the platform you will have the chance to go through and find the content that works best for you, as well as customize your own trading tools for when you begin to trade online.