LiteForex Review and Bonus Information

Having the right software to assist you in trading the forex market, is key to making a profit. Sluggish data or poor research capabilities can cost you thousands in the long run. One system is free from these issues, and is among the best forex platforms offered today. LiteForex is a powerful software package, and it can elevate your trading efforts for the better! To help you determine if this platform is right for your needs, let's examine it in more detail below.

Company Information

When searching for the best forex trading platform to acquire, LiteForex is a front runner. What sets it apart from the rest of the pack? A software suite is only as good as the company which stands behind it, and LiteForex is a quality broker. Though they've only been around for six years, they are one of the most popular firms in existence today. In fact, they were nominated for an award in Asia last year, which is given out to the companies with the highest degree of financial stability. They've achieved this level of recognition so quickly due in part to their software and in part to their service. Garnishing praise from traders, market experts and competing companies alike, they are a powerful partner for your trading efforts.

Whether you are new to forex trading, or a seasoned professional, they have the support options which you need. With approximately 300,000 different traders having turned to them to execute their trades, they are a truly robust and reliable broker! Due to this high demand, they've grown quickly and have moved into several important countries to capture even more market share. Further, their dedicated staff is made up of a balanced team of experts from various fields, making constant innovation possible. This ensures you receive one of the best forex trading platforms available today, and the capability to support it with world class service. Their company is dedicated to putting their clients first, and this customer centered approach is a cornerstone of their success.

Platform Software

As mentioned above, one key to success in the currency market, is using the best trading platform which you can find. LiteForex offers excellent software, and in fact you have two different options to select from. If you prefer, they will provide the MetaTrader4, which is one of the most popular packages in existence today. Yet, you can choose another version as well, the updated trading terminal MetaTrader5. Both of these powerful systems will elevate your trading ability, speed order execution and give you in-depth research capability.

In fact, the instant execution technology which is included, ensures you always buy and sell at the price displayed on your computer. This is in contrast to some other platforms, which may have a slight delay which causes you to get a less attractive price. Further, both the MT4 and MT5 packages can be included on the list of best forex trading platforms available now. This is due to their automated order execution, which keeps outside dealers from participating in your trades. This makes each transaction faster and cheaper, and gives you a higher degree of confidentiality.

Customer Service

When you are searching for the best forex trading platform for your personal use, high quality support is a critical factor. While having a good program is truly important, ensuring that any problems which arise can be quickly corrected is vital as well. After all, you can miss out on thousand in profit in only a few minutes, and you can't afford to have your system go down.

Luckily, LiteForex provides excellent customer service, with well-qualified agents being available 24 hours a day, five days a week. Therefore, whenever the market is open, you will be able to reach someone to help you. They support many different languages as well, including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Brazilian, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Greek, and Malaysian.

Other Special Features

Not only does LiteForex provide one of the best forex platforms on the market today, they have many other special features as well! You can open your account with only $10, which is one of the lowest minimums currently offered. Also, if you're just getting started, you can open a Demo account to begin with, allowing you to get acclimated before risking your money. In fact, LiteForex is specially made to support new traders, and it is a tremendous way to enter this industry.

They also make available fixed and floating spreads for the currency market, giving you flexible options. LiteForex offers multi-currency accounts as well, which allow you to deposit many different types of currency into a single fund. This affords you protection from inflation or devaluation as well, as you can convert your money to other currencies as needed. Finally, all of your trades are commission free, with no extra fee ever being added!

Bonus Offers

The best forex trading platforms are backed by brokers which offer bonuses, and LiteForex is no exception. Whenever you deposit funds into your account, you will receive an extra 15% bonus added to the total amount. Also, you will receive twice that figure on your initial deposit, which represents a 30% bonus when opening your account! These continue until you reach the maximum bonus of $1,000 for each account. LiteForex runs promotions and demo contests as well, and winners are given extra bonuses above the ones already mentioned.

If you are new to forex trading, LiteForex offers you many unique advantages. This quality company offers superior customer support, a low minimum balance, a generous bonus structure, and multi-currency account options. They also provide one of the best forex trading platforms for you to use free of charge, and you'll never pay any commissions! For all these reasons and more, this brokerage firm is growing by leaps and bounds.

Why not partner with them and take advantage of all these amazing benefits? Doing so will elevate your trading results, and give you the support which you need. If you want to begin trading in the forex market, consider using LiteForex for your brokerage needs. With their powerful tools and robust software, you will be glad that you did.