HotForex Review and Company Overview

Are you interested in the forex market, but aren't sure where to begin? This unique investment vehicle offers many advantages over other options, and has tremendous opportunity for profit! Yet, getting started can be a bit overwhelming, with all of the available choices. A good strategy is to examine your needs, and then determine what type of trading software which you prefer. One solid option is the HotForex program, as it is one of the best forex trading platforms currently offered. To help you discover if this system is a good fit for your needs, let's examine its benefits in more detail below.

Company Information

While this may sound counter-intuitive, the first step in evaluating any software package is to study the brokerage firm associated with it. Why is this the best strategy? You will be dealing with your broker on a day to day basis, and their level of service and fee structure will have a large impact. You need superior customer support, and a technical department to assist you if any problems should arise. Luckily, HotForex offers all of these features and more, being a global online forex brokerage house.

Through their unique Customer Management Centers, this company gives you an unrivaled market experience. Also, their leadership team consists of experienced traders, giving them insights into what you need to succeed in this industry. They were one of the first to realize that a web based platform couldn't deliver the superior service which they hold as their standard. Therefore, they decided to offer a more robust software package instead, and it is one of the best forex trading platforms which you can find.

They are fully registered as well, having obtained a Category 1 business license from the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius where their headquarters is located. Their company mission is to remain on the forefront of online forex trading, by incorporating their values of integrity and honesty into every action.

They are also committed to continued technological innovation, to give you a superior trading environment. Further, they are always developing financial products, leading the way in new investment vehicles. No matter if you are a large institutional firm or an individual trader, they aim to build a long and mutually beneficial relationship with you.

Platform Software

When searching for the best forex trading platforms offering sophisticated tools, HotForex is a good option. They use the MetaTrader4 program, which is well known in the industry for its solid performance. In fact, it is one of the more popular software packages used for trading today. It comes fully equipped with a suite of professional tools, allowing you to analyze market movement. You can study fluctuations in specific financial instruments, highlight your past trades, or even take advantage of automated trading.

You can further break down the markets into nine separate time frames, giving you a variety of ways to examine the data! You'll have access to over 50 technical indicators as well, which can assist you in creating a trading strategy. MetaTrader4 is one of the best forex trading platforms for deep analysis, and it may help you to uncover current trends in the market. You can even add multiple indicators to one chart for further research capabilities.

Yet, HotForex doesn't just offer this powerful system, but extends access to several other formats and programs as well. First, you can choose the MT4 Smartphone application, so you can trade when away from your desk. This will work on any smartphone with web capability, and has nearly the same power of the full version. It provides 30 technical indicators, breaking news feeds, and is encrypted for a high level of security.

When trying to determine the best forex trading platform for your situation, HotForex offers a third option also. Their iPhone trading application is now available for download. This will keep you in touch with the market at all times, even when 3G or Wi-Fi are unavailable. Not only will you be able to execute new trades, you can implement a number of different types of orders. These include options such as stop-loss and take-profit orders, allowing you to safeguard your position from anywhere! You can also receive RSS news feeds, to get updated market information.

If you'd like to combine the best of both worlds, HotForex has a web based platform as well. With more features than phone applications, it still boasts portability as a key feature. You can login to your HotForex WebTrader account from any computer with a web connection, to see current price action. With greater charting capabilities and professional ordering options, this is one of the best forex trading platforms for online performance.

Other Special Features

With the deposit option to start an account with only $5, they are one of the best trading platforms for those with limited funds. They also offer a high leverage ratio, with the upper limit being 500 to 1. Further, they will award you a demo account if you desire, giving you a chance to gain experience without any risk. HotForex even sponsors trading contests from time to time, with the winner being awarded valuable prizes!

Finally, the security of your money is paramount, and they have implemented extra precautions. With completely segregated client accounts, they are safeguarded in either Barclays Bank or the State Bank of Mauritius. These can only be withdrawn by the direct signature of local directors, and they are independent from HotForex. These directors must report their actions to the FSC regulatory body, and this gives you a second layer of protection.

Customer Service

HotForex is available to assist you 24 hours a day, during the business week. You can contact them through a variety of methods, including Skype, a traditional phone call or even live chat. Their service specialists have a high degree of knowledge, and can help you resolve your issue in an efficient manner.

So, if you want to take advantage of one of the best forex platforms currently offered, HotForex is the right choice. Not only do they provide powerful software their customer service, high margin limits, low deposit minimum and extra security make them a quality selection. If you have been searching for a brokerage to partner with, HotForex will provide you with superior service. Also, the analytical tools and research options which MT4 includes, will give you greater insight into market action. This can help boost your profitability, and give you tremendous trading results!