ForexYard Review and Platform Overview

If you want to begin trading in the forex market, you will need quality software. Yet, determining the best forex trading platform for you situation can be hard to do. The best route is to examine the brokerage firm which supports it, and then decide how powerful its tools and features really are. To help you determine if the ForexYard software package is the correct choice, let's take a closer look at its available options below.

Company Information

As mentioned above, the first step in evaluating any trading platform, is to learn more about the company which supports it. Each forex trading software is offered by a single broker, so you need to decide if you want to work with their firm. When it comes to ForexYard specifically, they have many advantages over other companies. They have incorporated the advice from expert forex traders, and have given financial markets and internet professionals a sounding board as well. This makes them one of the most sophisticated firms in the industry, and puts them on the cutting edge.

ForexYard takes pride in its transparency as well, and your account information is always on hand. Furthermore, they feature a full time staff of technical analysts, who provide you with quality research each and every day! This benefit alone can make them worth considering, as great market research can give you a competitive edge. Once you open an account with this company, you will begin receiving daily emails, giving you valuable information you can use to make profitable trades. With this high level of quality backing the ForexYard trading software, it is among the best forex platforms offered today.

Platform Software

While the business behind the ForexYard software sounds excellent, does their platform exceed expectations as well? When you are searching for the best forex trading platform available, you likely demand robust tools and customized features. Their software can deliver all of this and more, and it is easy to navigate as well. The included encryption ensures a secure connection at all times, and it is updated whenever necessary for protection.

Also, it gives you excellent order execution, making it straightforward to take a market position. This is a crucial feature, as during market action you need to be clear about each and every order before sending it in! As any ForexYard platform review will inform you, this software offers in-depth analytical research options as well, with many professional level tools at your disposal. Finally, you can create custom reports to monitor your trading progress, to ensure you stay on track to meet your goals. All of these wonderful options make this software one of the best trading platforms offered today.

Customer Service

While many brokerage firms claim to have 24 hour customer service, many do not live up to their promise. Often they can be difficult to reach, or their service personnel aren't knowledgeable. In contrast, if you experience a problem when using the ForexYard system, you can always reach a live person to assist you. They employ a staff of seasoned traders, so you will be talking with someone who is experienced with both the markets and trading software as well.

Other Special Features

Another benefit which ForexYard offers, is the ability to use their platform solely online. You don't need to download the software, which means you can access it from any computer with an internet connection. This gives you flexibility and makes it one of the best forex trading platforms you can use.

Also unique to this brokerage firm, is their special SuperMini account option. If you want to get in on the action, yet don't have much money, this is a tremendous solution! With only $100 needed to open an account, virtually anyone can afford to begin trading. If you have more experience instead, they also offer a standard account which has superior standards as well.

ForexYard also extends a high leverage ratio, with 200 to 1 currently available. You can use your credit card to fund your account as well, making it fast and convenient to add money. Also, you will benefit from their tight and fixed spreads, which their proprietary software is able to obtain.

They also offer a currency training course completely free, which is perfect if you are new to forex trading. This would normally cost you several hundred dollars, so this is a valuable benefit. This next feature sets this system apart, and makes it one of the best forex trading platforms which you can find. ForexYard will guarantee you get the price which you see, even if the market moves in the meantime. This is virtually unheard of, and means your gains will be bigger and your loses smaller.

Bonus Offers

Besides providing high quality customer service and the best forex trading platform for market research and analysis, they extend several bonuses as well. ForexYard offers three separate bonuses, making it one of the most generous firms in the business! When starting a SuperMini account, you will receive 100% cashback, up to a maximum of $300. If you have more experience and funds to work with, the Standard account option will give you a 10% bonus, up to a maximum of $1,000. Finally, if you have an account with another firm at the present, you'll be given a bonus of up to $1,000 simply for switching.

So, if you want the best forex trading platform supported by a quality broker, ForexYard meets both of these requirements. With a feature-rich software package which boasts strong analytic tools and custom reports, your trading experience will be unrivaled. Further, you will have access to excellent customer service, account bonuses and professional market research! So, why not open your account today, and start making a profit in the forex market?