eToro Review and Company Overview

While you may be an experienced forex trader, new platforms and software are being released all the time. It can be a tough challenge to keep up with the new innovations being offered, yet this task is important. Why is this? More powerful software means better research, reporting, trade execution and type, automation and charting to name a few.

Trade eToro - Our #1 Rated Forex Platform

Having an edge in these areas can mean the difference between success and failure, and you can't afford to be left behind! After all, in this fast-paced market, instant decisions based upon quality data is what makes consistent profits. One of the best forex trading platforms which has arisen in recent years, is the eToro system. To help you determine if this program will exceed your expectations, let's examine its many features and benefits in more depth below.

Company Information

No platform stands alone, and software is only as good as the company which stands behind it. eToroUSA has combined their operation with FX Solutions, which is a prominent Futures Commission Merchant. This gives eToro the ability to offer their innovative and powerful trading platforms, which you can benefit from using. Also, for US traders, your trades will be handled by a reputable American forex broker, so you will be partnering with the best in the business.

eToro PlatformFX Solutions is a member of the National Futures Association, and complies with the regulations of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. With their one of a kind direct link feeding prices to their platforms, you can finally get data as quickly as interbank traders. This represents a large advantage to the individual investor, as this has never been available without large institutional backing before.

Also, eToro offers one of the best forex trading platforms for social trading, which is a new phenomenon in the market. To accomplish this goal, they've focused upon creating a strong community, using both live webinars and chat sessions. Here you can compare notes and trading strategies with others from around the globe, allowing you to leverage their knowledge to make a profit!

Platform Software

When searching for the best forex trading platforms currently available, eToro offers more options than most brokers do. The first is their Practice Platform, which was specially designed to give you a chance to gain experience without any risk. This is a powerful tool, and can help you become comfortable in the fast trading environment of the forex exchange. This software includes a simple to navigate interface, and real-time market data as well. You'll start with $10,000 in simulated funds, giving you ample amount to execute your practice trades. Finally, you'll have the ability to chat with your colleagues, to find out what other traders are doing.

If you've been around the forex for a bit longer, you probably know that MetaTrader4 is one of the best forex trading platforms for analytic research. eToro offers this software package as well, giving you a powerful tool to add to your arsenal! It features custom indicators and the ability to execute micro-lot trades. Also, it provides you the chance to back-test your trading strategies, and you can even create your own custom trading programs. You will have the opportunity to compare notes with other traders as well, with live chatting being available. Finally, the pricing is powered by EBS, giving you the accurate data which you demand.

Your third trading platform option is GTS Pro, which has other unique benefits. It features one click trade execution, giving you the speed which you need to perform for optimum profit potential. Also, you can export any report which you create, making it easy to keep accurate records. It offers custom layouts as well, and you can set up the screen in any format you desire. This lets you keep track of the indicators and markets which matter most to you! Finally, you'll have access to flexible leverage, and receive important forex news updates as well.

If you've been searching for the best forex trading platform which is web based, eToro has a solid solution. GTS Web is solely online, giving you access from any computer with an internet connection. It is also Mac compatible, which is not always the case with competitor's platforms. It boasts the same powerful features which GTS Pro includes, without the need to be tied down to a single computer.

eToro Bonus

GTS Mobile takes portability a second step further, allowing you to execute trades right on your smart phone! Not only can you enter or exit a position, you can access your account information as well. This is helpful if you need to add or withdraw funds while on the go. Also, this platform ensures you'll never miss a trade because you are away from your desk. This makes it one of the best trading platforms for those who travel often.

eToro offers a final option as well, which is available due to their partnership with FX Solutions. FX AccuCharts makes it possible to trade right from your charts, and set your stops on them as well. You can even design custom indicators, to give you even more insight into the market. With professional drawing tools included, this program makes it easy to spot trends and patterns. If you have a high level of expertise and technical knowledge, than this is most likely the best forex trading platform for your situation.

Bonus Offers

In addition to offering some of the best platforms on the market today, they provide account bonuses as well! eToro has three different account types to choose from, the Standard, Plus and Premium. The Standard only requires a $250 deposit to open, and offers unlimited practice trading included. A Plus account can be opened with $1,000, and you will receive a $100 bonus as well as a personal account manager. Finally, the Premium option applies for deposits of $2,500 or more, and you will be awarded a $300 bonus and provided with custom technical analysis upon demand.

Customer Service

Not only can you email or call eToro over the phone, they offer live chat for speedy resolution to any problem. If you are just starting out, they are focused on helping you, and Personal Coaches are available.

So, if you've been searching for the best forex trading platform for your situation, eToro has many excellent options. Whether you want detailed analytical research, or the ability to trade using your phone, they can accommodate your needs in superior fashion. So, why not open your account today, and begin benefiting from their unique offering of powerful trading software?