Easy-Forex Review

Are you looking to break into the forex market, and want to determine the best forex trading platform to use? This will depend upon your situation, and what features and tools you need the most. If you are new to this area, you may want a program which is easy to use and has support for beginners. If that's the case, then Easy-Forex is an excellent choice, and can offer you many unique benefits you won't find with other systems. To help you determine if its right for your needs, let's examine it in more detail below.

Company Information

Easy-Forex was founded by a team of forex experts and financiers, and it was their stated purpose to build the best forex trading platform for easy use. This brokerage firm has a solid reputation, and its liquidity is provided by such well-known banks as The Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS in Switzerland. They can boast locations around the globe, which provide forex trading venues and customer support. Easy-Forex has a long history of service in the retail side of trading, so they understand what traders need and work hard to provide it. They've expanded to serve customers in over 150 countries at the present, and they've achieved this explosive growth through attention to superior support and innovative technology.

Easy-Forex is fully licensed in the European Union, Australia and the US, and they adhere to the governing regulations in each location. This company is committed to transparency and integrity, and they are audited each year by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Not only are they above reproach in their business practices, they offer a host of different trading options as well. These include customized forex training, Dealing Room specialists, an Introducing Broker program and creative Institutional Partner options. Through these available choices and more, they provide a secure and knowledgeable trading environment for you to benefit from.

Platform Software

When searching for the best forex trading platforms currently offered, Easy-Forex provides several different options. They allow you to select from web based, desktop and mobile platform programs, giving you a flexibility not offered anywhere else. You can choose from Visual Trading over the web, TradeDesk which you download to your computer, accessing Easy-Forex on your iPhone and desktop MetaTrader4 for in-depth technical research.

If you prefer to trade over the web, then Visual Trading will be your chosen platform. This gives you the option to trade from any computer with an internet connection, giving you a freedom unheard of in the past. This makes Visual Trading a tremendous selection for those who trade part time or while traveling, as this software makes it easy to keep tabs on the market. It incorporates powerful tools and special features, to deliver one of the best forex trading platforms online today. It boasts one click trade execution, real time market news and information, and easy transportation of data. In fact, you can begin a trade using this software and then exit your position using the TradeDesk program.

In contrast, TradeDesk is downloaded to your computer system and it is formed from several smaller applications. You can customize these in any layout which you desire, giving you an overall picture of key market indicators at a glance. If you need even more information to be readily available, you can design multiple layouts and save them for easy future access.

You have a third choice as well, running Easy-Forex on your iPhone. You simply download their app from the iPhone store, and you will have instant access to live charts, full trading capability, expert reports and your account information. If you want to take your currency investing on the go, then this is by far the best forex trading platform for portability.

Finally, you can opt for MetaTrader4 instead, which is perfect for those looking for thorough market analysis. It supports several different order types, comes standard with 85 technical indicators, can run multiple chart windows at once and offers automatic trade execution. Further, hedging is allowed and it includes 20 years of market data, so you can extensively back-test your trading strategy.

Customer Service

Not only will Easy-Forex provide one of the best trading forex trading platforms for new comers, they offer quality support as well. If you feel you need personal training, an Account Service Manager can accommodate your request. Perhaps you have more experience instead, but you'll still benefit from having a Personal Dealer.

This fact alone sets Easy-Forex apart from the competition, as they assign a personal representative to each account. They will assist you in getting started, and answer any questions you have in the future. These account managers can be reached during local business hours of operation, and if you need further support the dealing room is always open. They support several languages as well, including English, German, Chinese, Hebrew, Polish, Greek and Arabic.

Registration is also easy and Easy-Forex has streamlined the process for simplicity. You can send your deposits by charging a major credit card, or opt to use PayPal instead. Also, they strive for a high level of fraud protection, and will require additional information to process your first withdrawal. This ensures your funds are always safe, and this extra barrier makes their customer service one of the best in the business!

Other Special Features

In addition to offering one of the best trading platforms on the market today and high quality customer service, they boast additional features as well. You can open you account with only $25, which is one of the lowest minimum deposits in the industry. Also, they offer Rate-freezing, meaning you always get the price which is displayed on your screen.

If you want a high level of personal service and customized training, then Easy-Forex is a good choice. They can help get you started, and their easy registration and deposit procedure can get you up and running in only a few days! Yet, they offer in-depth market analysis for experienced traders as well, and have four different platforms to select from. Providing some of the best forex platforms for customization and portability, you will have constant access to the market no matter where you are. So, why not open your account today, and get in on the market action?