AvaFX Review and Company Information

When trading in the fast-paced forex market online, you need a robust software package to remain competitive. Yet, locating the best forex trading platforms isn't easy, with the many options available today. A careful examination of the offered features and tools is needed, to determine the appropriate platform for your situation. One broker has built a superior product, and though Ava Capital has been around only 5 years, its AvaFX platform is turning heads! To help you see the benefits which this software provides, let's review it in more detail below.

Company Information

When it comes to uncovering the best forex trading platform, software is only as good as the company which stands behind it. That's why it is important to examine the strength of their operation, and the quality of their brokerage firm. Ava Capital Markets Ltd directly supports the AvaFX system, and they are a subsidiary of Ava Financial Ltd. Why is this information relevant? Their holding company can boast almost $17 billion in market capitalization, which far exceeds most forex brokers. This means they have a stability that virtually no other firm can match, and your funds are exceedingly safe in their hands.

AvaFX PlatformRegistered in Ireland, the AvaFX platform meets all of the requirements set forth by MIFID, which is the Irish regulatory authority, and ASIC as well. Further, their security is unmatched, and they've invested their substantial resources in ensuring the protection of your sensitive data. Not only does the AvaFx software include both server security and data encryption, the company has a whole team of IT professionals whose sole job is to keep this platform updated with the latest in advanced security measures. This gives you a high level of confidence in their product, and you can rest easy knowing your account information is always protected.

Platform Software

When it comes to forex trading platforms currently offered, you may have heard of the MetaTrader 4 package. The AvaFX platform is actually based upon MT4's technology, and it provides all of the same amazing features! What can you expect to find when using this software? AvaFX has an elegantly simple layout, which makes using it very straightforward. This is a strong benefit to have, as in the pressurized environment which arises while trading, the last thing you need is to struggle with your trading program.

It also boasts strong analytical tools, to give you the intensive market research which you need. It is built to customize easily, so you can quickly create your own personal parameters and add them to any chart. If you are interested in automation, the AvaFX package could be the best forex trading platform for your situation. This software allows you to use many other programs to automatically execute trades, from Avatrader and MT4 to others such as Zulutrade, Currensee, and Mirror Trader. This enhanced functionality and ability to integrate other programs, make it one of the most powerful offerings on the market today.

Also, AvaFX provides a full trading suite of tools which are included with the platform itself. This puts advanced trading strategies at your fingertips, and these tools would cost you several hundred dollars if purchased separately. So, for only the cost of the commission per trade, you now have access to a professional level of automation. Included in this package is AvaTrader, which allows you to implement complex mathematical algorithms for your automatic trade executions.

Customer Service

An important component of the best forex trading platforms is the level of support behind their product. Ava Capital Markets has stated many times that the client is their primary focus. To give you the best trading environment possible, they provide world-class customer service. As you are probably aware, a crash in your platform can mean thousands of dollars lost, so this is a crucial element to consider.

AvaFX is particularly good at giving support to first time users, and they have a team of experts standing by 24 hours a day to help you get started. They offer many different language options as well, and always strive to answer your queries promptly and professionally. Ava Capital Markets knows your issues are time-sensitive, so they work hard to resolve any problems as swiftly as possible.

Other Special Features

As you try to determine if AvaFX is the best forex trading platform for your needs, you may wonder what else they have to offer? Not only is their technology sophisticated, software robust and customer service excellent, they have several other positive features as well. You only need $100 to get started, as this is their small minimum deposit amount. Also, they offer a high leverage ratio, at 400 to 1.

AvaFX Bonus

Furthermore, you can deposit funds directly from your credit card, as well as through services such as PayPal, WebMoney, Neteller and Moneybookers. They can also provide an Ava debit card upon request, which allows you to withdraw money in straightforward fashion. Other brokers require forms to be filled out for a money transfers, but this convenient card bypasses this hassle. This makes AvaFx one of the best forex trading platforms for those who need to access their money easily and without extra hoops to jump through.

AvaFX is a strong trading platform, which is backed by a solid company. If you are looking for professional research and trade automation, and the ability to integrate other programs as well, then you'll be pleased with this software package. It also incorporates strong analytical tools and the option to add custom parameters to any chart or trading strategy. Further, the AvaFX system includes high quality customer support, and easy access to your account funds. This makes it one of the best forex trading platforms on the market today, and one which is sure to exceed your expectations.